Monday, March 7, 2011

MAY 2011 ALOC Show at Gallery One in Kissimmee

Well ALOC Members we are having a show at the Gallery One Artist Gallery at 101 E. Dakin Ave. Kissimmee. To be in the show sign up at the meeting the month of March and April and pay the fee.
Fee: $5.00 one painting
$10.00 two paintings
No Refunds if you can't make it..
If the gallery sells your work you receive all moneys, the gallery takes no commission.
You drop off your artwork on May 3rd, and 4th -Tuesday and Wed. Time: 10am to 7pm
Reception: May 6th - Time 6pm to 9pm Please bring a bottle of wine for the reception( you can get wine 3 bottles for $10.00 at walgreens or CVS)
Art Pick up if not sold is May 31st June 1st and 2nd.
If the artwork is not pick up with in a week after these pick up dates, the artwork becomes the property of the gallery. As we are limited in space, between each show of work.
Any question please email Sandra Scheetz-Wise at
or call at 407-404-2550

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