Friday, September 11, 2009

"Interpretations" debuts at Creative Spirit Art Gallery tonight

Creative Spirit Art Gallery and the Harwood Watson Dance Studio, located at 820A Lake Baldwin Lane in Baldwin Park, Florida will host an opening reception for “Interpretations” on September 11, 2009. The exhibition features the work of Jason Lee, Clair Strutt, and Chad Pollpeter. The reception will begin at 6pm and end at 9pm and is free. The show will run from September 11 through October 2.

All three artists interpret the world view in different ways, and will show all new works in this exhibition. The artists reside in Central Florida and have established careers, showing work throughout the southeast. This will be the first show of the three artists together, and promises to be an exciting event.

Chad Pollpeter, an FSU graduate, combines figure studies and symbolic elements such as the sphere to express universality, using an atmospheric surrealism to create ethereal, emotional statements. Work such as “Avoidance” and “Tug-O-War” express themes of conflict and alienation, and many of his themes are relevant to our time.

Florida native Jason Lee’s autodidactic approach to art blends a universal spirituality with a surrealist’s eye . His artwork, with titles like “Seat of Wisdom,” “Forgotten Magic,” and “Sea Dragon” trend his work towards the mystic. Lee’s organic integration of natural and human forms are powerful images that strongly suggest narrative, and an alternate universe.

Clair Strutt moved to Central Florida from New York, and studied fine art in college. She counts Freida Kahlo and Salvador Dali among her inspirations, and her landscape and figurative work has a strong emotional basis, while retaining a sense of humor about herself and her world. “Pay Attention,” a nude wearing a lampshade being ignored by her husband, is an example of Strutt’s lighthearted approach to life.

The Creative Spirit Gallery is a cooperative art gallery, and home to members of the Artist League of Orange County (ALOC) who collaborate to bring featured artists alongside the members’ art. For more information, contact Curator Brad Biggs of BiggsLee Artistic Services. BiggsLee provides artist representation, custom art placement, promotion, and curatorial services to regional artists, merchants, and galleries. You may contact Brad Biggs by telephone at 407-923-8085, or via email at

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